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Domestic Bliss

The perfect cheese course with delicious accompaniments. All packed in a wooden cheese box handmade in Texas:

1 Kunik Triple Cream Brie (Goat/Cow Blend), NY
½ lb Marieke Aged Gouda, WI
½ lb Texas Gold Cheddar, TX
1 Olympic Provisions Sopresatta, OR
1 Potter’s Organic Crackers, WI
½ lb Dry Roasted Oregon Hazelnuts, OR
1 jar Sour Cherry Preserves, MI

Add More Cheese! Fill out your box with a 1/2lb each of Oregonzola from Oregon and Tarentaise from Vermont for an additional $28.

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Texas Trio

A selection of three of Texas’ best handmade cheeses:
½ lbTexas Gold Cheddar
½ lbScamorza
1 ea June's Joy (Fresh Goat Cheese blended with honey, pepper, and thyme)

Complement it!  Add in these extras: Potter’s Organic Crackers(5 oz) & Small Wild Texas Guajillo Honey (3.2 oz) for an additional $17.00.

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Dairymaid Favorites

Five of our favorite handmade American cheeses:
1 ea Mt. Tam Triple Cream Brie, Cowgirl Creamery, CA
1 ea Hoja Santa, Goat cheese wrapped in leaves, TX
½ lb Marieke Aged Gouda, WI
½ lb Tarentaise, Gruyere-style, VT
½ lb Dunbarton Blue, Cheddar Blue, WI

Make it Deluxe! Pack your cheeses in a handmade TX cheese box with these goodies: Potter’s Organic Crackers (5 oz), Dry Roasted Oregon Hazelnuts (8 oz), and Wild Texas Guajillo Honey (3.4 oz). Add an additional $47.

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Dairymaids Cheese of the Month Club
2 Handmade Dairymaid cheeses plus one selected accompaniment every month!
Available in 3 or 6 month subscriptions.
Boxes ship out on the third Monday of every month. Your recipient will immediately receive a card letting them know you’ve given them this cheesy gift.
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Dairymaid T-Shirts
Starting at: $15.00
Dairymaid T-Shirts - Dress like a Dairymaid! Learn More

Dairymaid Onesie Shirt
Starting at: $15.00
It's never too early to foster a love of cheese! Order a Dairymaid onesie for your favorite little one. Sizes are 3-6 mths, 6-12 mths, 12-18 mths, 18-24mths. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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