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A Dairymaid cheese tray makes a great icebreaker. Whether you are hosting a party or leading a meeting, our artful arrangements of delicious cheese and accompaniments will bring happiness to the room. Choose from one of our pre-designed cheese plates. We can also provide you with a cake made from cheese wheels like the ones pictured above!

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We will select the cheeses for your tray based on what tastes best at the time and makes for an elegant presentation. We’ll happily honor any requests, so please let us know if there’s anything you want us to include or avoid.

Only if you request them to be. We usually feature a variety of styles, milk types and origins.

We flag each cheese with its name and include signs describing each one. 

Our cheese trays include fresh fruit, dry roasted hazelnuts, and dried fig cake with almonds. 

Small 12” Cheese Tray: feeds about 10 people, includes 3 artisan cheeses, 1.5 lbs. total cheese, and 3 accompaniments, $75.

Medium 16” Cheese Tray: feeds 15-20 people, includes 5 artisan cheeses, 2.5 lbs. total cheese, and 3 accompaniments, $120.

Large 18” Cheese Tray: feeds 30-40 people, includes 5 artisan cheeses, 3.75 lbs. total cheese, and 3 accompaniments, $180.

Custom Tray: Need to feed a larger crowd? Have your own ideas? Call us, we’ll arrange something just for you.


photo by Asem Sheshtawy

Yes, we offer trays with cured meats, crackers, Marcona almonds and cornichons.

They come in two sizes:
Small 12” Accompaniment Tray: feeds 12-25, includes Fra'Mani Salametto, La Quercia Prosciutto & Speck, Marcona Almonds, Cornichons, and Tarralli Crackers, $80.

Large 16” Accompaniment Tray: feeds 30-40, includes Fra'Mani Salametto, La Quercia Prosciutto & Speck, Marcona Almonds, Cornichons, and Tarralli Crackers, $160.


photo by Asem Sheshtawy

We have handmade crackers available for $6 per 5 oz package. With 48 hours notice, we can also place an order for fresh artisan breads from Slow Dough Bakery.  We can order you whole loaves, or we can slice and arrange the bread on a platter for you.
All bread trays include Slow Dough Bakery’s French Baguette, Harvest Batard, and Cranberry Walnut Boule. They come in three sizes:

Small 16” Bread Tray: feeds 10-20, $25
Medium 18” Bread Tray: feeds 20-40, $40
Large 2 x 16” Bread Trays: feeds 40-60, $60

Our catering trays are made from recycled Kraft brown paper. 

We'd be happy to build your cheese tray on your own platter if you'd like. 

We ask for orders 48 hours ahead of time. 

Sure! Just call or come visit us at our shop and we’ll work with you to get the best and prettiest cheese plate.

Yes! We have two sizes of Wedding Cakes: small (feeds up to 120) for $256 & large (feeds up to 175) for $450. Decorations, set-up, service and delivery can be added for an additional charge. Email us or call 713.880.4800 for more information.

We now offer individual trays that include 3 cheeses, 2 cured meats, hazelnuts, fig cake, grapes and crackers. Packaged in an eco-friendly tray with its own lid, the individual trays are perfect for picnics or meetings when people aren't able to stand up and graze. They are $16 each, with a 12 tray minimum order. 48 hours notice required. Email us or call 713.880.4800 for more information.

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