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This Week's Tasting: July 10, 2017

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 Every week at Dairymaids we select six cheeses to include in our free cheese tasting. Whenever we are open, we are tasting cheese. We stock over 150 cheeses, so if these 6 don’t please you, we will find you the cheeses that do.

A Dairymaid favorite, Red Hawk won 2nd Place Best in Show at the American Cheese Society Awards in 2009. Made with organic milk, Red Hawk is a big, beefy washed rind with a lovely sweet buttermilk finish. As it ripens, it softens near the rind to a tongue-coating creaminess.

Purple Haze is a smooth, fresh goat's cheese flavored with lavender and fennel pollen from Cypress Grove in California.
Aged for one year, Paski Sir has a moist texture with a pleasing crystalline crunch. The complex flavors include mild gamy notes with toffee and cultured butter. Paski Sir is made from the milk of unique sheep raised on the island of Pag, Croatia. There are a total of 40,000 sheep on the island of Pag. The island is windy with little vegetation, what little grass it has is in the hills, and due to the crosswinds much of the salt water blows over it. The sheep produce very little milk, maximum just a half liter per day. On top of that their diet is influenced by the salty grass they eat. In total it takes 10-12 sheep or more (6-6.5L) to produce one wheel of cheese. 
Pleasant Ridge Reserve is an Alpine-style cow's milk cheese from Wisconsin, this is an artisan American cheese that can hold its own against any European rival. It has been recognized as "Best in Show" by the American Cheese Society three times - it is just that good.
Tomme de Hood is a natural-rinded cheese from Eagle Mountain dairy in Lapin. As per French tradition, the tomme is named for the region where it is made, Hood County. Molded in a basket shape, Tomme de Hood is buttery and smooth with tangy, mushroomy flavors.
Flora Nelle is a pasteurized blue with a natural rind dusted with vegetable ash. Robust and piquant with pervasive blueing, its intense blue flavors are accented by subtle hints of sweet cream, nuts and blueberry.
Oure wine this week is the Chenin Blanc from McPherson in Lubbock, Tx. We will be sampling from 10-2 on Saturday during the cheese tastings.
Our pairing of the week are Bartlett Pear Preserves  from American Spoon in Michigan.



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