Holiday Bags & Special Cheeses

We put together special selections of our favorite cheeses just for the holidays. Order a cheese bag here and avoid the holiday line! You can pre-order some of our hard-to-find cheeses here too. Please note these items are available for pick up in store only. They cannot be shipped.

  • We've put together a Valentine's Day gift with a great selection of cheeses and goodies: 1 ea Chocolate Capri, Chevre blended with Cocoa from MA 1 ea Green Hill Camembert, Sweet Grass Dairy, GA 1/3lb Barely Buzzed, Cheddar rubbed with Coffee and Lavender, UT 1 ea Garden Dreams Strawberry Balsamic Preserves 1 ea Big Picture Caramels from Vermont 1 ea Italian Taralli Extra-virgin Olive Oil Crackers (Items in photo are different from those in the bag.)
  • The Valentine's Bag is available for In-Store Pickup only from Feb 8-14. We are closed Sunday and Monday. When you checkout, please note what day you'd like to pickup.

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