Blue Heron Farm

Blue Heron Farm
Established 2006

Christian & Lisa Seger

There's currently a youth movement in agriculture. College-educated 20 and 30-somethings are seeking the outdoors, where, often without any experience, they are starting small sustainable farms. We're happy to report evidence of this 'small farm' thinking in our big state of Texas.

At Blue Heron Farm in Waller County, Lisa and Christian Seger make "Fresh Cheese from Spoiled Goats." Before cheesemaking, they had been living in Houston and working respectively in marketing and country music when they decided contentment lay elsewhere. As Lisa explains it, "my marketing financial services job wasn't making anyone's life any better." Somewhat impulsively, they made a move that was as much a lifestyle decision as a political stance: they bought a 10.5 acre farm in Field Store.

Neither has a direct farming background, but Christian's family had farmed in Texas for generations. Relying in part on that lineage, he says, "something made me think I was going to be a farmer." Starting a farm without farming experience is one thing, but Christian is the first cheesemaker we've met who admits he didn't like cheese!

Nevertheless, they bought goats and started making fresh cheeses. Today they have about 36 milkers along with a myriad of dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, and guinea hens. Made with the extra-rich milk of their Nubians, their chevre has a luxurious tongue-coating texture and pure, clean flavor. It is good stuff: even Christian likes it.

They also introduced us to Cajeta, a Mexican-style goat's milk caramel, they make plain or with Bourbon. Drizzled over ice cream, apples, or into coffee, it's divine. 

Recipes we love with Blue Heron Farm's Cajeta:



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