CKC Farms

CKC Farms, Blanco, Texas
Established 2006

Throughout Texas you'll find cheesemakers who fearlessly perfect their craft with few teachers or recipes, and with excellent results. One striking example of this pioneer cheesemaking is Chrissy Omo of CKC Farms in Blanco, TX.

Cheesemaking at CKC is a family affair with younger brothers Kenny and Connor (the K and C of "CKC") chipping in, and Mom and Dad giving their full support. The inspiration, however, comes from Chrissy, who after visiting cheesemakers in Italy came back impassioned and determined. A goat farmer and cheesemaker before the age of 18, she recently graduated college and devoted herself to raising goats and making cheese full time.

We're particular fans of her diminutive brie and blue. Baby Caprino is a picnic-sized round she created to emulate the bloomy-rinded goat's cheeses she had in Italy. Delicate with a flavorful goaty kick, it's great as Kerrisa prepares it: with a crusty baguette and peppery greens.

Her soft Baby Blue has a cult following amongst our customers. The half-pound rounds are blue inside and out with a smooth, brie-like paste. Made in small batches when time and milk supply allow, it makes welcome cameo appearances at our shop.





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