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Memorial Day Cheese

With Memorial Day approaching, beer and cheese probably already factors heavily into your weekend plans. We thought we'd help you take care of both!

Redneck Cheddar, from the Veldhuizen Family Farm in Dublin, Texas, is your perfect cookout cheese. The Veldhuizens pour beer from Houston’s Spindletap Brewery over the curds before making them into raw milk cheddar. The beer infusion gives Redneck Cheddar a delicate malty note. It melts well and makes a great topping for burgers!

Available here for online/curbside orders and in our store!

We’re also taking pre-orders for Pretzel Buns! Available for pick up Friday and Saturday.



To-Go Bags and Curbside Available

We've suspended tastings until further notice, but we're still open. Instead, we're offering a To-Go Bag!


Check out the TO-GO BAG and our curbside selection HERE or just give us a call.


We're now offering free delivery within a 5-mile radius!

Simple, Creamy Mac & Cheese Recipe

Mac & Cheese

At Dairymaids we have breakfast together every Saturday. This Mac & Cheese, which we adapted from an Alton Brown recipe, has become a Saturday morning staple. A stovetop preparation, it is simple and very quick.

For cheese you can grate up whatever you may have on hand (cow’s milk cheeses in the cheddar and Alpine categories melt best). If you were to choose just one, we currently recommend the Cowgirl Creamery Wagon Wheel, which is available in the needed size on our online site: https://houstondairymaids.square.site/

Simple, Creamy Mac & Cheese

Serves 6

½ pound short pasta (elbow macaroni, cavatappi, etc.)

4 tablespoons butter

2 eggs

6 ounces evaporated milk

½ teaspoon hot sauce

1 teaspoon salt

Fresh ground black pepper

½ teaspoon dry mustard

10 ounces Wagon Wheel or other firm cheese, grated


1. Cook pasta to al dente in a large pot of boiling, salted water. Drain.

2. Return pasta to pot. Add butter and stir until melted.

3. In separate bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, hot sauce, dry mustard, salt and pepper.

4. Add milk mixture to pasta. Add grated cheese.

5. Stir over low heat until cheese melts and sauce is thick and creamy. About 3 minutes.


This Week's Tasting: March 17, 2020


We've suspended tastings for the rest of the week, but we're still open. Instead, we're offering a To-Go Bag!

The cheeses in the bag are: 

Moses Sleeper, a cow's milk brie from the Cellars at Jasper Hill in Vermont.

Miette, a soft-ripened sheep and goat's milk cheese from the Baetje Farms in Missouri.

Goat Gouda, a firm goat's milk gouda from the Latte Da Dairy in Flower Mound, Texas.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve, a raw cow's milk Alpine-style from Uplands Cheese in Wisconsin.

Caveman Blue, a cow's milk blue washed in Italian dessert wine and topped with candied orange peels from Moro Formaggi.


This Week's Tasting: March 13, 2020

Every week at Dairymaids we select six cheeses to include in our free cheese tasting.
Whenever we are open, we are tasting cheese. 
We stock over 150! 

Ubriaco al Ribolla Gialla is another "drunken" cheese from Moro Formaggi in Italy. This version is soaked in a a fruity and acidic white wine called Ribolla Gialla from the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The wheels aged for 10 months and topped with grapes, cornflower and calendula.

Other cheeses on our tasting plate this week: 

Baby Caprino, a soft-ripened goat's milk cheese pressed in ash from CKC in Blanco, Texas.

Cabriolait, a raw goat's milk cheese made in the Alpine style from Het Hinkelspel in Belgium. 

Pt. Reyes Gouda, a cow's milk gouda aged for 16 months from Pt. Reyes Cheese in California.

Oma, a cow's milk washed-rind from the Von Trapp Creamery in Vermont.

Caveman Blue, a cave-aged blue made with cow's milk from the Rogue Creamery in Oregon.

Our wine of the week is a Rosé de Pinot Noir from Henri Bourgeois in France. We taste wine from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays.

We're also sampling Rhubarb Marmalade from American Spoon in Michigan.

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