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Tasting Plate Close Up: Eagle Mountain's Tomme de Hood

When the Dairymaids visited Eagle Mountain Cheese in Granbury last spring, they came back with a new experimental cheese. It was Eagle Mountain's first tomme and it was delicious. Beneath a pretty patterned natural rind, the paste was smooth and dense, and the flavor buttery and sour cream-like with a hint of sharpness on the finish.  
Tomme means "wheel" or "round" and is used to describe a variety of cheeses from France and Switzerland. They are typically small to medium in size and have a natural rind and smooth paste. Tommes are usually named for the region they come from (ie. Tomme de Savoie hails from Savoie). With this tradition (and a touch of playfulness) in mind, Dave named his new little cheese Tomme de Hood, since his dairy is in Hood County. 
For me, Tomme de Hood falls in the "table cheese" category which includes such favorites as Bellwether Carmody and Pt. Reyes Toma. These cheeses are mild yet intriguing. You could melt them, but I wouldn't. They are so good for snacking and look great on a cheese plate. Pair them with tart apples or even some of the Blue Heron Cajeta.    
Because response has been so positive, the Eagles are ramping up production. We have a good amount now, and should see ample supplies soon.
It's on the tasting plate this week. Come by and give it a try!

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