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This Week's Tasting: October 18, 2019

Every week at Dairymaids we select six cheeses to include in our free cheese tasting.
Whenever we are open, we are tasting cheese. 
We stock over 150! 

Cornish Yarg is a semi-firm cow's milk cheese from the Lynher Dairies in West Cornwall. Its rind is wrapped in whole nettle leaves, lending green notes to the natural yogurt-y and lactic flavors of the cheese. With an almost fluffy texture in the center and a buttery cream-line near the rind, Yarg is bright and friendly!

Other cheeses on our tasting plate this week: 

Green Hill, a Camembert-style Brie from the Sweet Grass Dairy in Georgia.

Latte Da Cotzwold, an aged goat's milk cheese flavored with chives from the Latte Da Dairy in Flower Mound, Texas.

Pyrenees Brebis, a sheep's milk cheese with a natural rind, aged at Herve Mons in France.

Roelli Haus Select, an aged cheddar colored with annatto seeds from Roelli Cheese in Wisconsin.

Caveman Blue, a cave-aged blue cheese with a natural rind from the Rogue Creamery in Oregon.

Our wine of the week is And Why am I Mr. Pink? a Rosé from Mattawa, Washington. We taste wine from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays.

We're also sampling Oatcakes from Effie's Homemade in Massachusetts.

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