Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese

Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese Company
Established 2009

Eagle Mountain Cheese

Dave Eagle describes himself as a "recovering attorney". After years of practicing Texas law, he decided to change course and pursue his love of cheese. Inspired by the philosophy of local food he saw while traveling through farmers markets in Europe, he decided to make cheese "By Texans for Texans" from his dairy in Lipan.

Great cheese comes from great milk, and Dave is fortunate to have an excellent source in nearby Bridgeport. Mike Moyers of Sandy Creek Farm exclusively raises Swiss Brown cows. He describes the gentle giants as his "first love." Rare in Texas, Swiss Browns have long been the breed of choice for cheesemaking in Switzerland. Their milk is high in butterfat, which makes for creamy, rich textures in cheese.

Dave transports Mike's fresh milk to Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese, where he and his son Matt turn it into a variety of raw milk cheeses. Granbury Gold, their signature cheese, started with a Gouda recipe. Aged less than 6 months, it is a smooth melter that pairs with crisp white wines and apples. We're also enamored with his Tomme de Hood, a small round with a natural rind and bright, crème fraiche flavors. Since tommes are traditionally named for their region of origin, Dave named his after Hood County "tongue implanted firmly in cheek."

Recipes we love made with Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheeses:


Swiss Brown Cows in TXSwiss Brown Cow


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