Latte Da Dairy

Latte Da Dairy
Established 2007

Latte Da Dairy

Anne Jones is the kind of cheesemaker who makes cheese for the love of goats.

The story begins as it often does, with a pair of goats and five-plus acres of land. It was 2005 when Anne brought the first two purebred does, Rosemary and Serenity, to her farm in Flower Mound, Texas. In two years her herd grew to seven, and she established Latte Da Dairy. A retired veterinarian, Jones applies her expertise and great love of animals to the running of her farm.

She now has 33 Nubians and Lamanchas and is quick to tell you that her girls are stars, winning numerous accolades from the American Dairy Goat Association.

Her cheeses are stars too. The American Cheese Society has graced them with multiple ribbons, including a 3rd place for her Goat Caerphilly in 2012. Jones makes delicious chevre and feta, but she sets herself apart with her aged cheeses. Hard, aged goat cheeses are rare, especially in Texas. She makes Gouda, Caerphilly, Cotswold, and Manchego that are all nuanced in flavor and texture.

We love her goat Gouda. Aged between four and six months it is firm, but the mouthfeel is rich, not dry or waxy. It's sweet and delicate in flavor, with hints of salted caramel. Drier and tangier, the goat Caerphilly is perfect shaved over salad or pasta.

Texas Aged Goat Cheese

Latte Da Goat Gouda

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