Mozzarella Company

Mozzarella Company, Dallas, Texas
Established 1982


Inspired by the fresh cheese she ate in Perugia, Paula Lambert took it upon herself to bring the craft of stretching curds into light, yet buttery mozzarella to Dallas. Back in 1982, artisan cheese was unheard of in Texas and Paula's small cheese factory in Deep Ellum was truly ahead of its time. Now, her mozzarella balls are fancied around the country, as are her forays into goat's milk cheese and the traditional cheeses of Mexico.

Hoja Santa is a favorite of Paula's original creations. She wraps Hoja Santa leaves around fresh goat cheese and ties the bundle with raffia. Hoja Santa, the "Holy Leaf," grows wild in Texas and Mexico and imparts flavors of citrus and sassafras to the creamy cheese within. We love to warm Hoja Santa in the oven to an oozy goodness. It is included in our Dairymaid Favorites gift box.

Paula also puts a Texas tweak on her award-winning scamorza, a traditional Italian cheese in the same family as mozzarella, but firmer. After hanging the pear-shaped cheese to dry, she smokes it over native Pecan shells. The subtle smokiness makes it our top choice for melting on pizza. 

Dairymaid recipes using cheeses from the Mozzarella Company:

Texas Scamorza


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