Sand Creek Farm

Sand Creek Farms
Established 2005

Sand Creek Farms Cheesemakers

Ben and Alysha Godfrey once led urban lives. Their move to rural Cameron, Texas was prompted in part by their mutual love of horses. In fact, driving up to their farm today, you are as likely to see a horse or pony as a cow. You may also see a child, they have five young girls!

Inspired by the agricultural activism of farmers such as Joel Salatin, Ben's principles are high. He utilizes all-natural farming practices. Instead of 'cheating' with grain, which stretches milk production, he feeds his herd of 40 Jersey and Guernsey cows exclusively on grass. He manages his soil carefully, moving his cows from pasture to pasture to "harvest" a delicious variety of clover, oats, Bermuda and rye.

With this excellent diet, the Sand Creek cows produce rich Grade A milk. Ben uses the milk to make a selection of buttery raw milk cheeses in large 30 pound wheels. There are two wheels to a batch, so he is able to make have a nice variety including Havarti, Colby, Gouda, Farmhouse, and Brick. Each has a lemon yellow paste with the perfect melting consistency. 

Recipes we love using Sand Creek Cheeses:

Sand Creek Farms TexasSand Creek Brick Cheese


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