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Texas Goat CheeseOur relationships with Texas cheesemakers are the foundation of our business. We travel the state of Texas, visiting farms and dairies and getting to know the people (and animals!) behind these great cheeses. We look for Texas cheeses that are naturally made by hand, and, when possible, from unpasteurized milk.

From each Texas cheesemaker's repertoire, we choose the cheeses that taste best, and that add a new facet to our selection.

Cheeses from Mozzarella Company - Cheese from Dallas, Texas

Mozzarella Company

Inspired by the fresh cheese she ate in Italy, Paula Lambert brought the craft of stretching curds into mozzarella to the Deep Ellum district of Dallas.

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Pure Luck Dairy - Goat Cheese from Dripping Springs, Texas

Pure Luck Dairy

Milking 100 pampered goats in Dripping Springs, this family produces delicate and refined cheeses that have been recognized as some of the best in America.

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Veldhuizen Family Farm - Raw Cow Milk Cheddar from Dublin, Texas

Veldhuizen Family Farm

In the recesses of Stuart Veldhuizen's aging cave in Dublin rest the raw cow's milk creations of a cheesemaker both innovative and respectful of tradition.

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CKC Farms - Baby Caprino & Baby Blue Goat Cheeses from Blanco, Texas

CKC Farms

A goat farmer and cheesemaker before the age of 18, Chrissy Omo recently devoted herself full time to raising goats and making her unique cheeses in Blanco.

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Latte Da Dairy - Texas Aged Goat Cheese - Goat Gouda

Latte Da Dairy

In Flower Mound, Anne Jones milks a small herd of champion goats to make award-winning fresh and aged goat's cheeses.

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Sand Creek Farm - Texas Raw Milk Cheese from Cameron, Texas

Sand Creek Farm

Inspired by the agricultural activism of farmers, Ben Godfrey dedicated himself in 2009 to producing raw cow's milk cheeses from his all-natural farm in Cameron.

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Eagle Mountain Cheese -  Raw Milk Texas Cheese - Granbury Gold

Eagle Mountain Farmhouse

Inspired by the philosophy of local food seen while traveling through markets in Europe, he decided to make cheese "By Texans for Texans" on his dairy in Lipan.

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Blue Heron Farm - Cajeta and Bourbon Cajeta from Field Store, Texas

Blue Heron Farm

In 2006, Lisa and Christian Seger made a move that was as much a lifestyle decision as a political stance: they bought 10.5 acres in Field Store and founded a goat dairy.

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Lucky Layla Farms - Butter & Yogurt from Plano, Texas

Lucky Layla Farms

Grazing free on 1,180 acres and floating in three cooling lakes in Plano, the Guernsey and Jersey cows of Lucky Layla Farms have a life to envy.

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