Veldhuizen Family Farm

Veldhuizen Farms, Dublin, TX
Established 2000

Stuart and Connie - Veldhuizen Family Farm

The Veldhuizens have been in dairy for generations, but the family dairy business wasn't what it once was when it came time for Stuart Veldhuizen to take the reins. Milk traveled from his farm to a co-op where it was mixed with everyone else's, and sold under someone else's label. After all his care and hard work, no one ever said, 'great milk'.

Disheartened and disillusioned with the co-op system, Stuart quit the business. Soon after though, his wife Connie convinced him to re-approach dairy, but from a different angle: cheese!

With few resources besides passion and ingenuity, and seven kids to support, Stuart and Connie started a cheese business in Dublin, Texas in 2000. Even buying their first cows was a challenge. In the end, Stuart struck a deal with a nearby dairy farmer and traded his labor for calves until he had a herd to build upon.

With time and hard work, they've made great progress on their 180 acre farm. They now milk a motley herd of 40, including Jerseys, Holsteins and Ayrshires. They've improved their soil year after year with the goal of producing as much of their own feed as possible. The delicious 'salad bar' they've planted makes for great grazing.

All this healthy pasture feed shows itself in the rich yellow color of their cheeses. They've distinguished themselves with their raw milk cheddars. Texas Gold, their flagship cheese, is aged 6-9 months to a complex, sharp, grassy goodness. Redneck Cheddar, which is spiked with Shiner Bohemian Black, is a perennial favorite that melts beautifully.

Visit the Veldhuizens when you're next in Dublin. When driving up to the farm, you'll pass by the stone-front aging cave they built into hill. If you're there early you may even catch them making cheese through the glass wall in their tasting room.

Dairymaid recipes featuring the cheeses of the Veldhuizen Family Farm:

Veldhuizen Cheese CaveRedneck Cheddar

Veldhuizen Farm Cows

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