Lucky Layla Farms

Lucky Layla Farms, Garland, Texas
Established 2004

Lucky Layla Butter

Roaming free on 1,180 acres of grassland and floating on their tippy-toes in the three cooling lakes, cows never had it so good as the Guernseys and Jerseys of Lucky Layla Farms. Their comfort means higher quality and quantity milk, which becomes prized drinkable yogurt, butter, caramel and cheese at the hands of third-generation Plano, TX dairy farmer Todd Moore.

Because Guernsey and Jersey milk is especially high in butterfat, it must be skimmed for yogurt making. Moore takes the rich cream surplus and churns it into butter. One look at his Texas golden butter and you can see that the cows are pasture-fed. The beta carotene from green grass gives it a deep yellow hue. Cultured and lightly salted, it has the flavor and richness of butter from a different era.

Lucky Layla Butter and Yogurt are used in most of our recipes! Some of the recipes that feature Lucky Layla: 






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