Pure Luck Dairy

Pure Luck Dairy
Established 1995


Although the Pure Luck empire was built on crops of cucumbers, it's Amelia Sweethardt's fine goat cheeses that define the Dripping Springs farm today. Following in her late mother's footsteps, Amelia has become one of the best farmstead cheesemakers in America. Working with 100 pampered Nubian and Alpine goats, she and her family produce delicate and refined cheeses that have been recognized with numerous awards by the American Cheese Society. In 2013, Culture Magazine named Pure Luck's goat feta in their "Top 101 American Cheeses."

Her fresh basket chevres, which come in Plain, Mixed Herb, Cracked Black Pepper and Anaheim Red Chili, rank in every Dairymaid's top 10 list for their creamy versatility and clean, tangy flavor. June's Joy, a chevre blended with honey, smoked black pepper and thyme, makes a great spread for morning toast and a perfect pair for sweet cider.

Amelia's highly sought-after ripened goat cheeses are also unique and delicious. Sainte Maure is a piquant, mold-ripened cylinder based on the French cheese of the same name. The curd is formed into a cylinder then coated with ash. As it ages, it gets gooey beneath the rind and intensifies in flavor.

The amazing Hopelessly Bleu makes its appearance in early summer and disappears before the end of winter. A mild, creamy, and delicate blue-veined cheese, it has made converts out of many blue cheese skeptics.

Dairymaids recipes featuring the goat cheeses of Pure Luck Dairy: 





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